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We've been creating custom web apps and websites for nearly 10 years, and have poured all that experience into the formation of Flockspot. It's ready to serve, and built to last.

I love the Church, and I'd love to see yours grow. Let's work together to make that happen. — Luke Johnson, Founder

There's nothing I love more than to create and code for the Church.

I'm married to Jenn, Papa to our kids Rowan and Molly, and youth minister to a small Anglican parish in Saskatchewan.

I have worked and played as a web developer for over 10 years now, helping nonprofits and businesses to put their best foot forward online.

I also create youth ministry resources at to put liturgically-geared, scripturally-grounded resources in the hands of youth ministry workers.

I've been a church kid all my life, so whether it is with code or compline, I love to support the flourishing of church community.

Luke and family

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